Anthophyllite Asbestos


DS Consulting, Inc. provides a full spectrum of asbestos consulting services:

  • Inspections, Sampling, Assessments
  • Final Clearances
  • On-Site PCM Analysis
  • Project Design
  • Project Management
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Abatement Over-site
  • OSHA Personal Monitoring
  • Area Monitoring

Asbestos was once widely used in over 20,000 different building materials until it was discovered to be a carcinogen. OSHA and the EPA implemented stringent regulations in the 1980s to control its use in order to protect homeowners, workers in commercial buildings, and contractors from risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Asbestos is commonly found in building materials manufactured before the late 1970s such as ceiling and floor tiles, linoleum, drywall and mud, plaster, wall texture, fire proofing material, glues and mastics, and thermal insulation. An asbestos survey by a certified inspector is required prior to remodeling or demolition to determine the presence of asbestos.

DS Consulting, Inc.'s experienced and certified staff can assist clients with all levels of asbestos compliance such as surveys, abatement, analyses, assessments, design, and construction over-site including air monitoring during abatement. We evaluate the location, type, and condition of the asbestos and assess remediation choices. Often, only minor repairs are needed to maintain the asbestos in good condition. We develop asbestos management plans that comply with regulations to fit each client’s unique case.

If abatement is required, we can assist with the selection of a qualified abatement contractor, prepare necessary abatement design documents in compliance with government regulations, oversee the abatement project, monitor air quality to ensure that exposure levels are not exceeded, and analyze air samples on-site via phase contrast microscopy (PCM) for expedited turnaround.

DS Consulting, Inc. is a participant in the Industrial Hygiene Proficiency Analytical Testing (IHPAT) program as well. DS Consulting, Inc.'s laboratory ID No. is 188987 and has a rating of Proficient.

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